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‘Immunisation is a social responsibility’

Another round of Pulse Polio immunisation drive for children below five years covering the entire district was organised on Sunday in more than 3,630 booths. Besides, 102 transit booths also participated in the drive.

District Collector V. Seshadri, who inaugurated the drive at a booth at China Waltair, set an example by bringing his daughter there and getting her immunised.

He administered the oral drops to children there and said it was a social responsibility to immunise children in the target group. They should also go in for immunisation on February 24.

On Monday and Tuesday, a house-to-house mop-up operation would be taken up to cover any children left uncovered in the drive.

DMHO Syamala, Additional DMHO Ramesh, and District Immunisation Officer Vijayalakshmi participated.

At Gajuwaka

Minister for Investment and Infrastructure Ganta Srinivasa Rao administered the drops at Government Health Centre at Gajuwaka. The relentless efforts by the government had almost led to eradication of polio in the country, he said while stressing that there was no room for complacency.

GVMC Chief Medical Officer (Health) P.V. Ramana Murthy, Zone Commissioner A. Srinivas, and assistant medical officer Dhavala Bhaskara Rao participated.

At the Municipal Dispensary at One Town, Government Whip Dronamraju Srinivasa Rao inaugurated the drive.

NCC Cadets’ campaign

About 100 cadets participating in the CATC XVII training camp and NCC officers went on a door-to-door campaign at Ashok Park Defence Civilian Colony.

They raised slogans motivating people to take children for immunisation. Camp Commandant Lt. Col. S.S. Nehra and Deputy Camp Commandant Lt. T. Brahmananda Reddy participated.

Ken Foundation, working in collaboration with the GVMC, deployed volunteers to help achieve 100 per cent coverage of Pulse Polio programme at different places in city with the foundation points at CMR Shopping Mall and CMR Central.

Founder Pulletykury Santosh and Chief-Coordinator Vijay Raj and volunteers from different colleges participated.

Rotary Club Visakha Valley Director (International Service) A.J. Soloman visited the immunisation booths in the New Colony area and those at RTC Complex.

Astronomers discover remnants of 1500 km long river on Mars

New astonishing pictures by the European Space Agency have revealed a 1500 km long and 7 kilometre wide river that once ran across Mars.

The agency’s Mars Express imaged the striking upper part of the remnants of Reull Vallis river on Mars with its high-resolution stereo camera, ESA said in a statement.

New analogies are giving planetary geologists tantalising glimpses of a past on the Red Planet not too dissimilar to events on our own world today.

Reull Vallis, is believed to have formed when running water flowed in the distant martian past, cutting a steep-sided channel through the Promethei Terra Highlands before running on towards the floor of the vast Hellas basin.

This sinuous structure, which stretches for almost 1500 km across the martian landscape, is flanked by numerous tributaries, one of which can be clearly seen cutting in to the main valley towards the upper (north) side.

The new Mars Express images show a region of Reull Vallis at a point where the channel is almost 7 km wide and 300 m deep. The sides of Reull Vallis are particularly sharp and steep, with parallel longitudinal features covering the floor of the channel itself.

These structures are believed to be caused by the passage of loose debris and ice during the “Amazonian” period – which continues to this day – due to glacial flow along the channel.

The structures were formed long after it was originally carved by liquid water during the Hesperian period, which is believed to have ended between 3.5 billion and 1.8 billion years ago.

Largest-known spiral galaxy discovered

Scientists have discovered that a barred spiral galaxy located 212 million light-years from the Earth is the largest-known spiral, measuring five times the size of our Milky Way galaxy.

Using archival data from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) mission, scientists found that measuring tip-to-tip across its two outsized spiral arms, NGC 6872 spans more than 522,000 light-years, making it more than five times the size of our Milky Way galaxy.

“Without GALEX’s ability to detect the ultraviolet light of the youngest, hottest stars, we would never have recognised the full extent of this intriguing system,” lead scientist Rafael Eufrasio, a research assistant at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt said in a statement.

The galaxy’s unusual size and appearance stem from its interaction with a much smaller disk galaxy named IC 4970, which has only about one-fifth the mass of NGC 6872.

The odd couple is located 212 million light-years from Earth in the southern constellation Pavo.

Astronomers think large galaxies, including our own, grew through mergers and acquisitions. Intriguingly, the gravitational interaction of NGC 6872 and IC 4970 may have done the opposite, spawning what may develop into a new small galaxy.

“The north-eastern arm of NGC 6872 is the most disturbed and is rippling with star formation, but at its far end, visible only in the ultraviolet, is an object that appears to be a tidal dwarf galaxy similar to those seen in other interacting systems,” said team member Duilia de Mello.

What is celiac disease?

According to pubmedhealth.com, Celiac disease is defined as, “A condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.The lining of the intestines contains areas called villi, a projection that absorbs nutrients from the food and is found in the small intestine. When people with celiac disease eat foods or use products that contain gluten, their immune system reacts by damaging these villi.”

This ultimately results in malnourishment. This condition mostly occurs in children who are sensitive to gluten, they can’t eat the protein, which is found in wheat, rye, and barley and other grains derived from them. Celiac disease is also called as celiac sprue.

How bad is celiac disease?

With time, the malabsorption of nutrients affects your brain, nerves, bones, liver and other organs. This may lead to weakness, joint pains, anemia, osteoporosis, seizures, and cancer of the small intestine.

Treatment of celiac disease

The best remedy for Celiac disease is a gluten-free diet. Gluten-free diet is based on fresh fruits and vegetables, plain meats, fish, rice, potatoes, dairy products, and gluten-free grains, such as corn, ragi, jowar, bajra, and amaranth (rajgeera).

If such a gluten free meal plan is not planned carefully, then a person could suffer from many nutritional deficiencies. Thus, it is important to plan a gluten free diet in such a way that the maximum number of variety enters one’s menu. For instance, one must make sure to eat a lot of fruits and salads as these keep the intestines healthy and functioning. And do remember that even after following such a diet one can live a healthy and carefree life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Gluten is also present in many cosmetic products such as lipstick, so if you have celiac disease, avoid using these products on your lips or around your mouth. So always check your cosmetics if you are suffering from celiac disease.