Binge drinking can lead to stroke at young age…………….

People who take three or more alcoholic drinks per day may be at higher risk of experiencing a stroke earlier in life than those who do not drink heavily.

A new study supported by the University of Lille Nord de France found that heavy drinkers experienced a stroke at an average age of 60, fourteen years before their non-heavy drinking counterparts.

“Heavy drinking has been consistently identified as a risk factor for this type of stroke, which is caused by bleeding in the brain rather than a blood clot,” said study author Charlotte Cordonnier.

“Our study focuses on the effects of heavy alcohol use on the timeline of stroke and the long-term outcome for those people,” Cordonnier said in a statement.

For the study, 540 people with an average age of 71 whom had a type of stroke called intracerebral hemorrhage were interviewed about their drinking habits.

Doctors also interviewed the participants or the caregivers or relatives about the participants` drinking habits.


Indian origin teen sensation Sandhu set to help Oz under-19 team defend world title

Gurinder Sandhu, who is the first ever Indian origin male player to represent Australia in international tournaments, is all set to help Australia defend their Under-19 World Cup title on Sunday.

The blossoming 19-year-old quick from Sydney has helped the Australian youth team’s charge into the Under-19 World Cup final with some head-turning performances, including a hat-trick in one of the pool matches against Scotland.

Sandhu, whose dad Iqbal migrated to Australia in the mid 1980s, is living a cricket dream, and believes there will be many more cricketers of different cultural backgrounds who will play for Australia.

Young batsman Usman Khawaja became the first Muslim and first Pakistani-born cricketer to play for Australia when he made his Test debut against England in Sydney in January last year.

“I’ve played with and against a lot of cricketers from backgrounds in different nations in the grade and youth cricket I’ve played so far,” quoted Sandhu, as saying.

“My dad was from the Punjab region and he came to Australia looking for a better life. My family is really proud of me and my extended family network in India have been really supportive,” he added