Memory loss can hit you even in 30s……….

A recent survey has made startling revelations regarding memory loss. The survey performed on over 1000 adults aged over 50, says that the memory loss which begins at 57 can hit even in your 30s.
Majority of elderly become concerned about memory and find themselves in embarrassing situations before reaching the age of retirement.
Among those participated in the survey 10 percent claimed that their memory began to diminish during their 40s and six percent said their powers of recall had begun fading in their 30s, the “Telegraph” reports.
The instances of fading memory are; leaving the house with no socks on and forgetting how to spell routine words like “hour”. In one case, someone reported forgetting their own name during a business meeting.
Among most common example of forgotten things were forgetting people’s names, an experience that was found in a third of people above 50 years of age, household items like keys and glasses (19 percent) and PIN numbers (13 percent).
“Love to Learn”, a website which provides memory training courses has done this survey. “Memory changes throughout your lifetime and your brain has a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive” Gill Jackson, director of “Love to Learn” has been quoted as saying.


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