World’s most complex mathematical theory ‘cracked’…..

One of the world’s most complex mathematical theories may have finally been cracked by a scholar in Japan, although confirming the breakthrough may take many more years due to the sheer scale of the achievement.
Shinichi Mochizuki, a mathematician at Kyoto University, has released four papers on the internet describing his proof of what is known as abc conjecture.
The paper, which is 500 pages long, can be viewed on his website in a series of PDFs labelled “Teichmuller Theory”.
The proof took four years to calculate and if confirmed it would be one of the greatest mathematical achievements of this century, experts said.
Confirming the breakthrough, however, may take just as long as Mochizuki has created an entirely new mathematical language to explain the steps that he took – and others in the field will have to learn to read it first.
Since publishing his paper online on August 30, Mochizuki has declined to comment.


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