Easiest way to tackle hair fall

Dr Shehla Agarwal, director, Mehak Skin Clinic, New Delhi, says, ‘Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, thereby reducing the loss of precious hair proteins. Almond oil strengthens hair and controls hair fall. An immediate result of an oil massage is increased blood circulation throughout the scalp, which enriches essential nutrients for your scalp and hair. In fact, getting an oil massage has been known to have a significant effect on hair growth.’

If you have greasy hair, then use sunflower oil as it’s a great conditioner. Olive oil improves the texture of dry hair and also works as a deep-hydrating conditioner.

Pollutants leave hair in need of daily washes but shampoos with harsh chemicals may strip hair’s moisture. So getting that head massage with an oil of your choice may not be a bad idea.

Conditioners, while acting as a hydrating agent, don’t have the benefits of oil. So, go hunting for products that have the goodness of oil, but at the same time, clean and condition your hair.

Even when styling your hair, use products that contain oil extracts. This will compensate for the harm that the heat from curling irons and blow dryers cause.


You can bathe in lukewarm-to-hot water without feeling guilty about stripping your skin and hair of its moisture. Experts say that all that cold water does is wake you up in the morning. Lukewarm or comfortably hot water, on the other hand, helps you wash off accumulated grease, without requiring multiple washes.


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