Kindle Store, E-Reader Now Available in India Inc. officially launched its India Kindle Store on Wednesday, offering over one million titles to its customers in the subcontinent.

Kindle devices are now also available for direct sale. The U.S. e-commerce giant has struck an exclusive deal with Croma Retail stores for the sale of the basic Kindle e-reader across India. Initially, the device will be priced at around 7000 rupees ($127).

The e-book reader has Wi-Fi connection and a total storage capacity of two gigabytes, allowing it to store up to 1400 e-books.

Other models, such as the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch –  which have more storage space, larger screens and 3G Internet connection –  are still unavailable for direct sale in India.

Indian publishers cheered the news. “ For publishers it is great,” says Kapil Kapoor, managing director of Roli Books.  He was hopeful that the Kindle reader and store will help them reach new readers and expand their sales.

Prices for e-books on the Kindle store start under 100 rupees ($1.8) and are slightly cheaper than hard-copy books.


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